Gareth Leyshon: Public Talks

New Age or Living Water?

Many people in the Western world search for spirituality in the many and varied expressions which go under the broad heading of the "New Age Movement". Not all of these practices are acceptable for Roman Catholics. But how do we discern which ones are unacceptable to Catholics, and why? Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Vatican's recent document on the New Age, this talk offers nine tests for judging New Age practices. For further information, see my dedicated website.

This talk has been delivered to: Parish Youth group in Croydon, May 2003; Workshop at Youth 2000 International Prayer Festival, Walsingham, August 2003; Alton Day of Renewal, February 2004; Crux, London, May 2004; Redhill Parish Prayer Group, June 2005.

Seeing the Face of Christ Through the Eyes of Mary

In their writings on the Rosary, Popes Paul VI and John Paul II remind us how we should use the structure of the rosary to guide us in meditating on the person of Christ, seen through the eyes of Mary. The new "Mysteries of Light" provide us with additional material for meditation. This talk, delivered to the Bristol Association of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in July 2003, invites everyone who prays the Rosary to return afresh to its riches as a means of focusing on the face of Christ.

Issues in Science and Religion

As a doctor of astrophysics studying for the Catholic priesthood, I have a particular interest and expertise on the compatibility of Catholic doctrine and scientific orthodoxy. I chose some key issues for a series of presentations to a Catholic People's Week in North Wales, August 2003.
  • From the Greeks to Galileo: a history of the rise of science, and a considerattion of the dispute between Galileo and the Church authorities of his time.
  • Darwin and Creation: what is the Catholic position on evolution, and is it compatible with Darwin's hypothesis?
  • Can A Scientist Pray? - a personal testimony of a charismatic astrophysicist.
  • The Scientific Method: how do scientists seek the truth? (With a hands-on activity for the audience.)
  • Souls for the 21st Century: current issues in biotechnology - ensoulment and the status of the human embryo.

    You are the Salt of the Earth

    By baptism, we share in the ministry of Christ as Prophet, Priest and King. Using the analogy of salt which irritates, preserves and makes safe, this talk helps young adults reach a deeper understanding of the meaning of their baptism. First given to a Youth 2000 retreat at Lampeter, February 2002.

    Hot Dust Through Cool Shades

    How do we detect dust in distant galaxies at the other end of the universe? Surprisingly, by putting the equivalent of polaroid sunglasses on the end of telescope! Based on the author's PhD research, this talk illustrates how we can search for black holes and dust clouds in the heart of some of the most remote galaxies in the universe. Next presentation: Crawley Astronomical Society, March 2006.

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